Letras When the Evening Comes - Rick Miller

When the Evening Comes - Rick Miller
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Fecha de emisión: 15.09.2023
Idioma de la canción: inglés

When the Evening Comes

Each day I awake, there’s a time\nBefore I recall that life’s no longer mine\nI feel the wind in my hair\nAnd hear the sound of rain in the evening air\nBut then the moment is done\nThe pain that grows inside me isn’t gone\nI rise with the sun every day\nI live what I can with the time that’s left to me\nBut then the evening comes\nReminds me that my time isn’t long\nAnd when I’m with you, I feel free\nLike time’s standing still\nAnd nothing worries me\nThe sun will still shine when I’m gone\nFor life carries on\nThat’s the way it’s meant to be\nBut then the evening comes\nReminds me that my time isn’t long

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