Letras Numbers - Rio Da Yung OG, Rmc Mike

Numbers - Rio Da Yung OG, Rmc Mike
Información de la canción En esta página puedes encontrar la letra de la canción Numbers, artista - Rio Da Yung OG.
Fecha de emisión: 11.06.2019
Restricciones de edad: 18+
Idioma de la canción: inglés


Just middle manned some bows and made 3 thousand
My bitch keep bugging me, bought her a flea collar
Lil nigga say he want my head well we gone see 'bout it
Better use yo brain before I knock a piece out it
Bitch I’m all in
Sleep with 2 K’s strapped to my chest bitch I’m Tarzan
Unk just came and spent 3 bands he on a Art Van
4 months from now a verse from me gone cost 5 bands
6 days ago Mike dropped and fucked up y’all head
Beam on a Glock that bitch shining like a bald head
Keep the 7 lines and pour the ounce in a small can
Got a 8, I should’ve bought a cream and dropped it all in
Say u had a pint of Hi-Tech, why you ain’t call in?
Lil bro ain’t never sold dope he fuck with all BINs
Taurus got a password on it, I’m 'bout to log in
9 shots, 1 in the head, I’ll drop all ten
11k for this AMG not the small Benz
1200 for some big b’s just to jog in
Lil bro caught a fed case so he ain’t call again
13 blues for some Amiri with the frog print
14 lines in one pop got me too weak
15 Glocks and 1 chop we a clear 2 streets
Ion like drinking green lean that shit too cheap
16 zips of girl scout just give me 2 a piece
17 for a brick of… look like blue cheese
Ty popped 18 percs now he got mood swings
Give they dawgy 19 bars for 2 new beats
Sick Pete just dropped a 20 on a new piece
Lil bro ain’t even 21 yet but he a savage
Say you got some real White Runtz, let me see the package
Bud got some bows for 22 I’m probably finna grab 'em
Glock 23, extended clip bitch see through plastic
Sold dawg 24 grams out the weak batter
Left the streets alone for a minute I had to regather
25 a gram for this shit I’m smoking peach cobbler
Cause bought a beamer for the low with 26 thousand
The all red edition
Seen Unk cook up some shit in 27 minutes
Come shop with us I guarantee you get a better ticket
My bitch 28 with no record and 11 pistols
29 grams on the scale with the baggie added
30 shots in the FN you never seen it have you
I’m in the crib and still a buy the drank and have my people grab it
Put up a dub in 31 days it’s just a month of stacking
Bitch, we in a different bracket
Bro got 32 in the Glock, that nigga think he Magic
Drop the whole clip with no problem, I don’t think it’s jamming
I got a clean brick for Larry Bird, need 33 for that one

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