Letras Can't Be True - Weep

Can't Be True - Weep
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Fecha de emisión: 01.02.2024
Idioma de la canción: inglés

Can't Be True

I’ve come to wonderland\nSomeone said that «It's made for you»\nThen I know there was nothing there for me\nCan’t be true\nI walked by open doors\nPainted clowns then waved me in\nThen I knew there was nothing there for me\nCan’t be true\nWhy can’t I be alone in my frail world\nLet me think that it’s almost real\nLet me find that there’s nothing there for me\nCan’t be true\nPlease go and get yourself another fool\nLet me think that you don’t exist\nSo many things I’d rather do with anyone\nJust not with you and not with me\nLike anything. Just never here.\n.Or anywhere

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