Letras That's All That Matters - Ray Price

That's All That Matters - Ray Price
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Fecha de emisión: 31.12.1980
Idioma de la canción: inglés

That's All That Matters

I know I’m not your first love
But there’ll just be past memory
For I’m the one that’s got you now
That’s all that matters to me
I know other arms have held you
But I’m not jealous of these
For mine are the arms that hold you now
And that’s all that matters to me
I came alive when you came along
You brought life back to me
And I don’t care what’s in your past
You’re as far as I can see
I know other lips have kissed you
I know you’ve been thrilled and pleased
But mine are the lips that kiss you now
And that’s all that matters to me
And that’s all that matters to me
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