Letras Hot Shit - Chief Keef

Hot Shit - Chief Keef
Información de la canción En esta página puedes encontrar la letra de la canción Hot Shit, artista - Chief Keef.
Fecha de emisión: 05.12.2016
Restricciones de edad: 18+
Idioma de la canción: inglés

Hot Shit

Mic check let a nigga flex\nHe get wet, he get that hot shit\nI got my Bernie Mac, nigga who you with\nI’m coolin' with the gang, and nigga we on that hot shit\nI know I’m rich I still be doin' 6, everywhere, anywhere\nYou know I’ma rep my shit, bandana on the choppa\nI Juelz my shit, I can cut my dreads off and I can sell my shit\nSmokin on this loud, you can smell my shit\nHop out the car, you can smell my whip\nI don’t fuck with coochie if you can smell that shit\nI don’t want the coochie if she sell that shit\nShe said she ain’t a thot, she tellin fairy tells and shit\nI pull up on ya block and I hear yells and shit\nSee I got verses but bitch, I don’t got em for the low\nShe said that she love me but baby I ain’t retarded doe\nI just hit the earth, drop in my veins to let you know\nI just rolled three grams in that thang from Texaco\nWhen I pull up you know I be TNT (Too Turnt)\nHop out and I be Chiefin' Keef\nNo more loco, Sachi solo\n9 to 5 no, no, we T’d and we slow-mo\nActavis, I’m in love with 4 o-z\nLeaned out is how I be\nGod damn it’s hard to stand, and no I can not see\nI’m about to hit a lick at Paradime\nTrade in the script for a pair of dimes\nI’m a star so you know I’m sonnin' bitches\nThey just mad that I’m having fun with this shit\nThey just mad that I’m buying lunches with it\nPassport with 300 tickets\nBang Bang, 300 and shit

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