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911 - Duwap Kaine
Información de la canción En esta página puedes encontrar la letra de la canción 911, artista - Duwap Kaine.
Fecha de emisión: 15.07.2022
Restricciones de edad: 18+
Idioma de la canción: inglés


All this money, bitch, I look like money
All this money, she in love with money
Dirty game, nigga, you can’t put your trust in nothing
When I came up in the game, ain’t knew I was gon' have these hundreds
You was talking shit on the gang, nigga, you out, you done
I pulled up with that flame, you called 911
I’m an inspiration to the gang
I get money, fuck that fame
My bitch bad, got no shame
Bought a new car, switching lanes
I got booked, not detained
Almost crashed out thirty ways
And I was broke, had dirty days
Robbing niggas, had dirty ways
Sipping on drank, nigga, I’m Lil Wayne
Thumbs, they red from thumbing
Bad-ass bitch and I think she from London
Too many hoes, man, keep the bitches coming
Chinese food, man, turn him to a dumpling
She eat me like Chinese food, man, she eat me like a dumpling
And I’m off lean, man, I’m falling, I’m stumbling
I fell off the lean, nigga, I need Life Alert
And I get more money than a clerk
Sit at home, get a bag, I don’t gotta work
My chopper like a bitch, I’m making it twerk
Selling lean, I ain’t selling no Percs
Bricks of weed, I be selling the work
In the trap and we going berserk
Ain’t talking Soulja Boy, but I did it first
Ray J, nigga, I hit it first
I’m rare, you can’t even pay for a verse
Heal pain, I be sipping on syrup
I killed a bear how I’m rocking this fur
She say that I do it better
Getting this money, you know that I’m counting up cheddar
Keep me a Glock, a Beretta
I can feel when a nigga tryna set up a setup
Hit my plug and you know that we met up
She ate me like mustard, nigga, ketchup
Pockets on fat, Nutty Professor
Money so long, you can’t even measure

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