Letras Our New Intelligence - River City Extension

Our New Intelligence - River City Extension
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Fecha de emisión: 10.05.2010
Idioma de la canción: inglés

Our New Intelligence

Stolen Aphrodite, beautiful and mighty
Act like you can find me tucked beneath a vine leaf
Try to keep my head down,
Try to keep my mouth shut
You do not exist; you are a product of my loneliness
Never let you in, I’ll never let you find me
Butcher what you do have, put your past behind me
I am not afraid and will not buckle under ignorance
And you could find a purpose, while I fumbled for deliverance
I’m happy but I wouldn’t, put it past our new intelligence
So we swam to the bottom of the sea
Found faith and a little bit of sanity
Oh some peace and quiet may be what I need
It’ll be a lot better if you’re honest with me
The way I think that I should get away sometimes the
Way I wish that you would try and compromise (2x)
And every single time I think I’ll keep my cool
I catch my other body making eyes at you
And instincts are deceiving, do you trust me to run away?
Run away?
Run away
Because you were never anything I thought I’d want
I’ve been trying for a while and this thing I got
Left me rambling and stumbling over what I say
And I say, and I say, and I say
Run away, run away, run away
Stolen Aphrodite, beautiful and mighty
Act like you can find me tucked beneath a vine leaf
This was never anything I wanted you to suffer for
Despite how much I love my home
I find I’m missing Baltimore
Tied and gagged and bound to soil
I will taste forever more

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