Letras The Umbrella Man - Lawrence Welk

The Umbrella Man - Lawrence Welk
Información de la canción En esta página puedes encontrar la letra de la canción The Umbrella Man, artista - Lawrence Welk.
Fecha de emisión: 23.12.1957
Idioma de la canción: inglés

The Umbrella Man

When there’s a lull and things are dull\nHe sharpens knives for all the wives\nIn the neighborhood and he’s very good\n(So very, very good)\nHe’ll darn a sock or set a clock\nAn apple cart, a broken heart\nHe’ll do anything but he’d rather sing\n(He'll so much rather sing his song)\nToodle-uma-luma-luma\nToodle-uma-luma-luma, toodle-aye-ay\nAny umbrellas, any umbrellas to fix today?\nBring your parasol, it may be small, it may be big\nHe’ll fix them all with what you call a thingamajig\nPitter patter patter, pitter patter patter, it looks like rain\nLet it pitter patter, let it pitter patter, don’t mind the rain\nHe’ll mend your umbrella then go on his way singing\nToodle-uma-luma-luma-toodle-ay\nToodle-uma-luma-luma-toodle-ay\nAny umbrellas to fix today?

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