Letras Letters - Mbnel

Letters - Mbnel
Información de la canción En esta página puedes encontrar la letra de la canción Letters, artista - Mbnel
Fecha de emisión: 28.03.2019
Restricciones de edad: 18+
Idioma de la canción: inglés


If you ain’t shot at nothin', your opinion do not mean shit\nSame ones askin' for somethin' said I wouldn’t be shit\nTen toes down, keep my feet up on the cement\nLil Dino caught a body, now they callin' him a demon\nUsed to walk around rockin' Payless\nHeard they say they tryna kill us, brodie, say less, ayy\nI just dropped a verse for this paycheck\nThis forty stopped his ass in traffic, that’s a brake check\nBitches know I break necks\nWhy these niggas all up on my dick like a latex?\nI ain’t fallin' off, I ain’t even reach my apex\nBefore I eat myself, I ask my brodie if he ate yet\nBetter wait before the put on, I ain’t even on the eight yet\nBeen callin' from the county, few way in and I mute the phone\nHe sentimental, he thinkin' 'bout when he comin' home\nMy family hated on me 'til the money came, I proved them wrong\nI love my girl family, G-O-D, I treat them like my own\nWhen I was broke, on God, you always put me first\nThe streets is sticky, you with me, I put it in your purse\nI say I’m blessed every day 'cause shit, it could be worse\nCam was with me hittin' niggas, now he on a shirt\nAyy, the streets is wicked, lost some niggas, why I’m in my feelings\nI’m still posted on my block and I ain’t never switchin'\nYou lost a brother, lost a soldier, make sure niggas feelin'\nWhen I’m alone, I smoke this dope to help a nigga heal it\nAyy, this shit just make me numb so I can’t even feel shit\nI was broke and bummy so I had to steal shit\nMy nigga doin' life, hard for him to feel shit\nAyy, I cut back on the mud 'cause it ain’t help to heal shit\nLot of South K but ain’t droppin' no bodies\nA lot of rappin' 'bout them guns but ain’t poppin' nobody\nWe rock with Glocks, fully autos, ain’t rockin' no shotties\nNow these bougie bitches choosin' on me 'cause a nigga poppin'\nAyy, cuzzo did his skit, we ain’t jump him in\nThey said I wouldn’t be shit 'til I touched me like ten\nAnd I’ma buy my mom a crib before I flood my wrist\nWhen I was broke, niggas ain’t throw me dope, that’s why I love my bitch\nAnd lately I done had the same dreams\nAll this prayin' still ain’t save me, I been feelin' like ain’t nothin' workin'\nlately\nSeein' my niece’s smile made me wish I had a baby\nMight as well start prayin' to this pistol, it’s what saves me\nAll this fussin' and fightin', sayin' we ain’t workin'\nI’m sorry that I made mistakes 'cause I ain’t perfect\nIf I go broke then me and my niggas purgin'\nDesigner cover pain, that’s why I love it when I splurge it\nAyy, money root of evil, but for me it solve problems\nMama disappointed I ain’t wanna go to college\nI be trappin' for them foreigns, get my mama out them Camrys\nI been way up out my zone, I just hope they understand me, gang\nThank you, Ralph

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