Letras Tear The Club Up - Icewear Vezzo, Future

Tear The Club Up - Icewear Vezzo, Future
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Fecha de emisión: 28.09.2021
Restricciones de edad: 18+
Idioma de la canción: inglés

Tear The Club Up

Aight, yeah, one more time, ayy\nTear the club up, tear the club up (Tear the club up)\nNah, they ain’t hear you, keep it goin', fuck it, let’s go, alright\nTear the mo'- tear the motherfuckin' club up (Woo)\nYeah, hit a titty bar and throw the hunds up (Throw the hunds up)\nAK-47, better not run up (Better not run up)\nYeah, them 7.62's look like lug nuts\nI be high up off the lean, that’s why my words slurring (My words slurring)\nPop a flat and now I’m rollin' like my hmm-hmm (Hol' up)\nPop a flat and now I’m rollin', I can’t turn a curb (Skrrt)\nRollie blown and it’s Audemars, this cost me thirty birds (Cost me thirty birds)\nTold my chick to suck my dick, bitch, I’m a gang member (On God)\nPut that AR on my shoulder, make me aim different (Hmm)\nMix that raw inside that dog and now my chain glitter\nFuck your racks, bitch, I want a bricky for a paid feature (For a paid verse)\nYeah, fuck I’m doin' shows and I get paid for features? (For real)\nMy young nigga do my hits, yeah, he get paid to reaper (I'm gone)\nI got rich and I get married, I could pay to keep her (Nah)\nThe F&N ringin' on my hip just like a pager beeper (Beep)\nShoot my gun up in the air, I’m tryna clear the club\nTake his chain, throw him a party like I’m Mister Rugs (Uh-huh)\nTwo pints of KiKi, that’s six thousand, yeah, that’s sixty hunds\nHit your party, fuck a nigga section, it’s all Crips and Bloods\nTear the club up, tear the club up (What?)\nTear the club up, tear the club up, nigga (What?)\nTear the club up, tear the club up (Drank God)\nTear the club up, tear the motherfuckin' club up, uh\nTear the club up\nTear the club up, tear the plug up\nYeah, tear the plug up, tear the plug up (Got a hunnid shooters in this bitch,\nnigga)\nYeah, back and forth, nigga, tear the plug up (Ray-Ray)\nYeah, yeah, cut the mud up, cut the mud up, yeah, yeah\nTear the plug up, tear the club up, yeah, yeah\nBig rings on my finger, cost me 'bout a house, nigga\nI be countin' my money, my dick all in her mouth, nigga\nSo much cocaine in my crew, we like the Ku Klux\nI’m so up, I put designer on my sluts, nigga\nPut a cooler on that bitch, it shoot a whole hundun\nPaid my tithes in these streets, they call me Pluto reverend\nGot that type of check, I might go snatch up Angela, nigga\nHangin' with some savages, some drug dealers and gamblers, yeah\nGot the devil with me ridin' passenger, nigga\nWalk a nigga down, diamonds come from Africa, nigga\nTook the plug off and then I made myself a plug\nI’m on Adderall, but Pluto take a lot of drugs\nMy ghetto bitch start speakin' bilingual, I threw her hand baguettes\nThrow these hundreds up like singles, I can still fuck on my ex\nPulled up with these demons, they take a hit, these niggas think they blessed\nI can’t-, I can’t turn the curb in this Demon, I’ve been on this X\nLeave a-, leave a nigga on the curb with his head cut off, holes in his chest\nAll these diamonds on my wrinist cost a couple Corvettes\nIt be hard to turn down 'cause I know these rappers so goofy\nIf the police calling, I promise I’ll never tell the truth\nTear the club up, tear the, tear the club up, ayy\nTear the club up, tear the, tear the club up\nTear the club up, tear the, tear the club up, ayy\nTake the plug off, and then go fuck the club up\nTear the club up, tear the, tear the club up\nTear the club up, tear the, tear the club up

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