Letras Pushing Peace - Lil B

Pushing Peace - Lil B
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Fecha de emisión: 15.06.2022
Restricciones de edad: 18+
Idioma de la canción: inglés

Pushing Peace

I’m pushing peace, I’m in the streets\nSo much war with the fuckin'\nI’m pushing peace, I’m pushing peace\nYeah everybody know, it’s Lil B\nThey need the Based God, they say we need that peace\nI know Lil B man, that’s Lil B\nWe pushing peace man, we pushing peace\nIt’s so much war out in the streets\nTell Russia that we need the peace (Damn)\nTell Ukraine that we need the peace\nStop all the hate in the streets\nStop the bloodshed out in these streets\nIt’s a war going, it’s a war going\nIt ain’t fair\nWho gon' be down to ride?\nWho gon' be there for me?\nI ain’t ever scared, fuck 'em\n'Cause I’m pushing peace, pushing peace\nSo much war out in these streets\nIt’s Lil B, I’m pushing peace\nI’m pushing peace\nTell 'em I said\nLil B 2022, I know y’all need me\nYou know what I’m saying\nYou know, all we rock with is flats\nYou dig?\nY’all fuckin' with them wings down here\nAll we do is them flats\nLike I said I know Lil B, I know the Based God\nLet’s get it\nIt’s time to turn up a notch\nBased World up, I’m pushing peace

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