Letras Dead End - Gucci Mane, Sy Ari Da Kid

Dead End - Gucci Mane, Sy Ari Da Kid
Información de la canción En esta página puedes encontrar la letra de la canción Dead End, artista - Gucci Mane.
Fecha de emisión: 28.04.2016
Restricciones de edad: 18+
Idioma de la canción: inglés

Dead End

I’m in a trap boy\nMatching for a dead end\nWith them young nigga\nGotta bust your end in\nA got a trap house matching\nAnd a fucking code a set\nAnd I’m peaking at the people AK\nWith the shoulder scrap\nHad to fit in\nIt’s a dead end\nI heard the feds on me\nYou can to\nA dead end\nThey heard that Gucci nigga\nBust that nigga head in\nAnd I ain’t got no problem handcuffing a dead man\nLot of time I was seen in a red benz\nWith a redbone bitch\nAnd her red friend\nAnd still don’t want me nigga\nI go war with twenty nigga\nAnd all black, low cut\nLike a ninger nigga\nI’m in the butler bar\nSpot, by your mamma house\nI heard your mom was calling the cops\nSo now I’m moving out\nThe folks on me\nImma turn into a hundred hoe\nI’m in the kitchen\nWhoppin a chicken\nLike you walk from home\nRIP to Dunky, was a dear friend\nHOS for aero music\nThat’s a dead end\nAbort that mission\nIf that shit don’t bring no bread in\nI say I’m broke, cause when you stuck\nThey bring the feds in\nThe way I bawl\nI think I should pay for the redskins\nSee in the streets\nAin’t no such thing as a best friend\nYou shopping limits\nMy niggas will be at the west end\nI’m outta space\nLike I’m related to the jet skis

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