Letras Don't Wanna Let Myself Down - NEFFEX

Don't Wanna Let Myself Down - NEFFEX
Información de la canción En esta página puedes encontrar la letra de la canción Don't Wanna Let Myself Down, artista - NEFFEX.
Fecha de emisión: 14.12.2021
Idioma de la canción: inglés

Don't Wanna Let Myself Down

I grew up in place\nWhere they told you what to chase\nTold you how to run the race\nEvery move was on the page\nBut I didn’t like their way\nHad to fight and misbehave\nHad to find a way to change\nHad to leave to find my way\nCaught up in a daydream\nI be in my mind up there almost daily\nIt’s how I pass time no opinions safely\nIt how I understand what I want in this place see\nCuz everybody wanna tell you bad things\nWhat could go wrong what the fame brings but\nSuccess is a finicky thing\nAnd if you ain’t sure no it’ll never be\nI don’t wanna let myself down my self down\nI don’t wanna let myself down my self down\nI will run runaway\nI don’t have to plan it\nI can go change my fate\nYou won’t understand it\nAll alone that’s ok\nPeople I can’t stand them\nThey don’t want me to change\nKeep me where I’m standing\nAnd I don’t want to be where I am\nAnd I want something more take a chance\nIt could be, possibly my last dance\nMy last dance\nI don’t wanna let myself down my self down\nI don’t wanna let myself down my self down

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