Letras The Mummy - Brisa Roche

The Mummy - Brisa Roche
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Fecha de emisión: 02.02.2010
Idioma de la canción: inglés

The Mummy

Wrapped up like a mummy\nI go spinning-down the winter street\nWith a stupid heart saying your name at every beat\nA silly halo of breathing\nHand in my big coat lost\nYou know when you try to have everything\nThere is a cost\nCar horns blow from the side\nIcy are the little tears I cried\nAnd above, the devil-wind is hollering\nA song, cold and dry\n«I don’t even miss you\nRock’n roll baby\nI’m better here stumbling\nBetter alone\nI don’t want to kiss you\nRock’n roll baby\nI hold up my hand\nAnd pretend it’s a phone\nWith my hand to my ear\nI’m stumbling dear\nPretending your voice is my own»

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