Letras S33N - Brother Ali

S33N - Brother Ali
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Fecha de emisión: 26.08.2021
Idioma de la canción: inglés


You don’t see me, you see\nYou see Dr. Omar, you see Amir beside me\nSo you see\nYou see two cc’s, and Sheikh CC’ing, you can’t even find me\nYou see Dem Atlas here, you see Sadiq and Atmosphere\nYou see Chuck D and Rakim standing here\nWhat you experience is one beautiful, fat person named Brother Ali\nThere’s a community that moves in me\nHe don’t speak for the voiceless, he just listens\nAnd repeats the inner visions when they benefit him\nThey say he spittin' venom\nThey don’t realize he out here light-givin' in a system that’s been tryna kill\nhim\nI’m not a boyband, but this is my new edition\nAll The Beauty In This Whole Life, May 5th 'em

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