Letras In My Stomach - Alkaline Trio

In My Stomach - Alkaline Trio
Información de la canción En esta página puedes encontrar la letra de la canción In My Stomach, artista - Alkaline Trio.
Fecha de emisión: 09.03.2024
Idioma de la canción: inglés

In My Stomach

In this shadow, I shrink and it knows\nI can’t move. It is making me cold.\nAnd it grows in my stomach like mold.\nIt keeps me just sick enough to stay home.\nKill the lights. Curtains cover closed blinds.\nBuild a wall of stone and steel that will never come down.\nLet the dust colonize just like James the first.\nThere will be no blood this time.\nIn silence, I’m yours. Twice dead-bolt the doors.\nI’ve been followed by a face marked with pain.\nIt came close once and he just learned my name.\nEvery day he grows taller, he looks down at my heart,\nand through my throat, he could reach in and pull me apart.\nIt gets worse when he contacts my eyes.\nHe can see right through to everything that blackened my veins\nand his sounds resonate up and down,\nlike a march through me, this battlefield,\nthere’s just not much left, so silence the rest.\nIn this shadow, I shrink and it knows\nI can’t move, I can’t sleep.\nTerrified by my own bloodshot eyes.\nSo, I’ll wait here and pray.\nI prayed that I was all wrong about prayer.\nAnd I do know that this is truly tired.\nIt still grows in my stomach like mold.\nIt keeps me just sick enough to stay home, all alone.\nIn My Stomach Sözleri, AkorMerkezi.com'da yayınlanmıştır.

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